Poems from 2017 until early 2020
 Published by Hunter Publishers in  December 2021.
 Stasis Shuffle plays with style and  experiments with form. The  poems are fragmentary and  discursive, knowing and wry;  bursting with jokes, wordplay,  strange observation, and personal  revelation.
 Pam Brown’s poetry maps the  edges of thought, turning with a  flash of discovery to think ‘what  cannot be thought’. This is a  significant new collection by one  of Australia’s most singular and  influential contemporary poets.

'If you want – and who doesn’t? – a poet who effects a transfiguration of the commonplace, it is Pam Brown.’ — Justin Clemens


   fragmented poems from the lost months
   between the summers of 2019 and 2021
   what's 'summer'? a climate anachronism


   parts of the poems
   emanated from
   a nocturnal space
   not always 'at night'


   presented together -
   some underthinking
   a series of contingencies
   a small event -
   an uneven booklet
   endings & spacings


            photo by pb - road crosses - west perth 2019


PAM BROWN is an Australian poet. Since 1971, she has published many books and chapbooks of poetry and prose. She has also written reviews, essays, texts for theatre and has made videos and films. She has been contributing editor for Overland, Jacket, Jacket2, Fulcrum and VLAK Magazine. She has also guest-edited for various magazines like Ekleksographia, Cordite Poetry Review, past simple, Minarets and for Vagabond Press.

Publications In Print :
      Cafe Sport  1979
      New & Selected Poems  1990
      This World. This Place.   1994
      50-50   1997
      My Lightweight Intentions   1998, 2006
      Drifting topoi   2000
      eleven 747 poems  2002
      Text thing   2002
      Dear Deliria   2003
      Let's Get Lost   2005
      Peel Me A Zibibbo  2006
      farout_library_software  2007
      True Thoughts  2008
      Authentic Local  2010
      Sentimental  2010
      In my phone  2011
      Anyworld  2012
      More than a feuilleton  2012
      Home by Dark  2013
      Missing up  2015
      Click here for what we do  2018
      Endings & Spacings  2021
      Stasis Shuffle  2021

In translation:
      Alibis  (French/English)  2014

e-book :
      the meh of  z  z  z  z   2010

Collage folio:
      Westernity  2016

Out of Print :
      Sureblock   1972
      Cocabola's Funny Picture Book   1973
      Automatic Sad   1974
      Correspondences   1979
      Country & Eastern  1980
      Small Blue View  1982
      Selected Poems 1971-82   1984
      Keep It Quiet   1987
      Little Droppings   1994

Early books, now out-of-print, include Sureblock, Pam's first small collection of poems in 1972, the omnibus Cocabola's Funny Picture Book from 1973 and Automatic Sad published in 1974. These books were all published in Melbourne, Victoria.

To see cover images from more of Pam Brown's early titles visit the books site To read a pdf copy of the out-of-print book, Automatic Sad visit this link.

Read poems from 50-50 - published by Little Esther Books, 1997

Read poems from Text thing (Little Esther Books, 2002)

For more on Dear Deliria visit this link.

Never-Never Books chapbooks 2006:

My Lightweight Intentions was published by Folio/Salt in the UK in late 1998 and published as a second edition by Never-Never Books, Sydney in 2006.

Peel Me A Zibibbo was published by Never-Never Books, Sydney in 2006

                        Cover detail - image by Kay Orchison

Read the title poem from Drifting topoi (Vagabond Press,2000)

Read early poems and two 90s poems
Poems published online

In April 2002, Randolph Healy's Wild Honey Press published
eleven 747 poems

In May 2005, Vagabond Press Stray Dog Editions published Let's Get Lost, a sequence of poems from Pam Brown in Trastevere, Rome in correspondence with Ken Bolton and Laurie Duggan.

In September 2007, Susan Schultz's Tinfish Press published
farout_ library_software
, a book of poems written in collaboration
with Atlanta-based, Egyptian poet Maged Zaher.

In early 2010, Jesse Glass of Ahadada Books published the e-book
the meh of z z z z, a suite of poems by Pam Brown.

Please take advantage of the free download HERE

Bob Arnold's Vermont-based Longhouse Press published a pamphlet of poems called Sentimental in 2010.

In 2016 Amelia Dale's & A.J. Carruthers' Stale Objects de press (SOd) published, in limited edition, Westernity, a folio of Pam Brown's collages & assorted visual ephemera.

In 2017 Mark Young's Otoliths magazine published Pam Brown's long poem A mockery as a chapbook - here with two covers - a handmade cover booklet alteration by Pam & the original image by Carol Stetser -


John Kinsella's imprint Shed Under The Mountain published a collaboration with Pam Brown, 'from Shimmy', in 2019

In 2020 Never-Never Books published a limited edition pamphlet of six minimal fake sonnets - (pressure's on)

Michael Farrell's Flash Cove published Pam Brown's long poem (best before) in 2020

In 2021 Never-Never Books published Pam Brown's Endings & Spacings

In 2022 Tim Wright's now orries press published Pam Brown's poem
'A love supreme'


Pam Brown & Susan Schultz - a collaboration for the International Corporation of Lost Structures - ICOLS

John Kinsella & Pam Brown in conversation

On editing James Schuyler - Pam Brown in conversation with editors Simon Pettet, William Corbett and Nathan Kernan.

Illustrated interview - Pam Brown talking to Carolyn Burke (the biographer of modernist poet Mina Loy)

Selected editing & reviewing - extras.

Reviews of Pam Brown's books.

For interviews & some work in translation visit this link

For audio & video visit Sound & Vision

Pages on New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre - nzepc

Anecdotes - Towards the 70s and Petersham Days

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Pam Brown's now closed blog - 2006-2017 - the deletions
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Pam Brown & Jane Zemiro encounter security on the Ubahn, Berlin
(foto by p.brown & berlin ubahn security)